Why Educators Blog


Julie Reulbach’s blog was started once all of her kids were in school. At that time she decided to get back into teaching after taking time off. She started her blog to stay focused, organized and possibly help other math teachers out. She talks a lot about reading many blogs and picking up ideas for her classroom.


JT’s blog is to express his views and opinions on math and other related things. He also mentions in his about section that he will share his thoughts, ideas and philosophies.


Denise is a homeschool mom that writes a blog in the hopes that it can be a place where people can play around with ideas about learning, teaching, and understanding math.

When it comes to myself and blogging as a teacher, I think it can be a very useful tool. Getting into the blogging business can assist in coming up with ideas, sharing thoughts on issues or just be a place to vent. This exercise made me actually read several blogs for the first time. I was able to read many blogs that dealt with some of the same type of issues that I deal with at school everyday. It is nice to know that we are not alone in dealing with things in the classroom.

Also, having a blog is a way of organizing thoughts and ideas. For example, you may learn about something or have an idea for a project and not be able to put it into action for several months. A blog is a great place to express the idea while fresh on your mind and be able to easily recall that idea by coming back to the post you made.

I hope that this class will help me get into a habit of blogging and I continue well after this semester and throughout my teaching career. That is until some new form of expressing yourself is invented.

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